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Live Show Videos

Quartet, The Pocket Theater, Seattle, WA, July 9, 2016  Songs with Do Peterson Band, Quartet, LtoR:  Vocals - Jeanne Morefield; Vocals - Zoe Bermet; Banjo/Vocals - Kirk Van Scoyoc

The Sidewalk Cafe, New York, NY, May 16, 2016  Songs by Do Peterson with Steve Espinola

Birthday Show, Seattle, WA, February 6, 2016  Songs with Do Peterson Band, LtoR:  Electric Guitar - Peter Stoessel; Bass - Camilo Estrada; Drumset - John Ewing; Backup Vocals - Tracie Nettles, Zoe Bermet, Terry Burgess; Banjo/Vocals - Kirk Van Scoyoc.  Science Groove alumni on Example Show: Backup Vocals/Percussion - Lori DeGloria, Adam Ludwig, Greg Crowther.


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