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Live Show Videos

Quartet, The Pocket Theater, Seattle, WA  Songs with Do Peterson Band, Quartet, LtoR:  Vocals - Jeanne Morefield; Vocals - Zoe Bermet; Banjo/Vocals - Kirk Van Scoyoc

The Sidewalk Cafe, New York, NY  Songs by Do Peterson with Steve Espinola

Birthday Show, Seattle, WA  Songs with Do Peterson Band, LtoR:  Electric Guitar - Peter Stoessel; Bass - Camilo Estrada; Drumset - John Ewing; Backup Vocals - Tracie Nettles, Zoe Bermet, Terry Burgess; Banjo/Vocals - Kirk Van Scoyoc.  Science Groove alumni on Example Show: Backup Vocals/Percussion - Lori DeGloria, Adam Ludwig, Greg Crowther.


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