1. The Boss

From the recording Ideation (2017)

Written by Do; with artistry from Trisha Steidl – Vocals.


I’m ready to work. I roll up my sleeves. I slip on my shoes, and look for the keys
With a lump in my throat and haste in my step, I’m ready to go.
I lock my front door and walk to the road.
An appointment to meet, will be right on time. Discussing some things that have been on my mind.
There’s a guy in a chair; don’t know if he’s fair, gonna listen to me
I get in my car and drive down the street.
I arrive 5 before. Push open the door. Step into a room, others waiting before.
I’m scanning around for a place to sit down. I try not to stare
The receptionist nods. I walk over there.
My credit card out, I stick the chip in. The paper prints out. I sign with the pen.
I feel my pulse race. I’m flush in the face. It’s time to begin.
The guy calls my name. I walk back with him. When the boss calls my name. My therapy session begins!