1. Amen

From the recording Air (2021)

Written by Do Peterson & Heidi Snyder
Do - lead & backing vocals, guitars; Heidi - piano, backing vocals; Zoe - backing vocals; Steve S. - drumset; Kirk - banjo; Peter Stoessel - hog organ guitar; Anna Apostolidis - backing vocals; wdz - bass


Prayer can have power when the faith is strong. No need to cower before a just God.
Soul float like vapor over evening grass. Soul rest amidst the ebb of shadows cast.
Prayer can grow sour when the faith is wrong. Put fear and anger where they don’t belong.
Soul weigh like boot step tread on matted grass. Soul rest like dew upon a lifeless mass.
A-men. A-men. Ah…
Prayer can have power when released in song. With happy voices singing loud and strong.
Soul dance like ocean waves upon the sand. Soul rest amidst the ebb of eddies cast.
Soul run like sand within an hour glass. Soul rest like newborn fed from mother’s breast.
A-men. A-men. A-men. A-men. Ah… Amen